Best Ring Settings For Your Princess Cut Diamonds

Best Ring Settings For Your Princess Cut Diamonds
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Ring
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Ring

Princess cut diamonds are popular among people for their excellent sparkle and unconventional look. This diamond cut is second in popularity after the traditional round brilliants. If you want a bold, unique, and edgy look for your engagement ring, then princess diamonds are a wonderful option to consider. As the brilliance of these diamonds can almost match the exceptional brilliance exhibited by round brilliants, they can create an appealing choice for those who want a shiny yet non-traditional engagement ring.

Princess diamond has a square or rectangular shape with pointed corners, which makes it a unique diamond shape. They are also highly affordable than round diamonds. So you can get a shiny, unique, and affordable engagement ring by choosing princess diamonds.

Princess diamonds can suit most of the popular engagement ring settings. The following are some of the best ring settings that can accentuate the look of your princess diamonds:

Solitaire Setting

This setting can be a great option to showcase your big, shiny princess diamond. With a center stone set on a thin band, this ring setting is known for its simplicity. As there are no accent stones on this setting, it can help to draw attention to your princess cut diamond. The solitaire setting can offer maximum exposure to your center diamond thereby enhancing its sparkle. A solitaire setting creates a great choice to boost the beauty of your princess cut stone.

Channel Setting

Looking for some extra sparkle? Then a channel set engagement ring is one of the best choices for you. This ring features small accent stones set on the band thereby boosting the overall sparkle of the ring. Here, the small stones will be set within two strips of metal that create a “channel”. Hence, these stones will be held securely to the band which can minimize the risk of losing them.

Halo Setting

A princess cut halo diamond ring is also suitable for people who want to add an extra hint of sparkle to their ring. With the large number of accent stones surrounding the center princess diamond, this setting can offer an unmatchable sparkle for your ring. Also, a princess halo diamond ring can make your center stone look bigger because of the small stones surrounding it.

Three-stone setting, classic prong setting, pave setting, vintage setting, etc. are other popular options that can suit your princess cut diamond. All these options can create a stunning and shiny princess-cut diamond ring.

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