Best Ring Settings For A Princess Cut Diamond

Best Ring Settings For A Princess Cut Diamond
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Ring
Princess Cut Halo Diamond Ring

Princess cut diamonds have become popular among people for their exceptional brilliance and distinct shape. The brilliance and sparkle of a princess cut stone can almost match the shine exhibited by a traditional round brilliant diamond. However, this stone creates a fantastic option for people who are looking for a distinct look for the traditional appeal offered by round brilliants.

Princess diamonds come in square and rectangular shapes. With its sharp edges and pointed corners, a princess cut diamond offers you a daring and bold look. Also, princess diamonds are less expensive than round brilliants, so they offer a distinct look for more affordable rates.

You can choose a wide variety of ring settings for a princess cut diamond. This cut suits most of the settings that are commonly used for rings thereby creating a versatile option. The following are some of the best ring settings for you to pair with princess cut diamonds:

The Classic Prong Setting

This is one of the commonly used options for princess cut diamonds. It can help to showcase the spectacular shape and the brilliant sparkle of this stone.

When choosing this setting, you have to be aware of the type of prong settings available. Four prongs are usually used to hold a princess diamond as opposed to the six-prong setting that is commonly used for some other diamond shapes like round, pear, and oval. Four-prong settings can enhance the brilliance of the stone, as it covers only a small portion of the diamond thereby allowing more light to enter it.

Also, v-shaped prong settings are generally preferred for princess diamonds instead of pointed, rounded, or flat prongs. This can help to enhance its square shape.

Halo Setting

This setting can greatly accentuate the sparkle of your princess cut diamond. A princess cut halo diamond ring will have small stones encircling the center stone, thereby adding more shine to the ring. You can choose a princess halo diamond ring if you want your engagement ring to exhibit great sparkle.

Channel Setting

This setting can also add additional brilliance to your ring, as it will have accent stones set on the band. The small stones will be set inside a channel that is made of two strips of metal.

Three-Stone Setting

Here, there will be two additional stones set on both sides of the center stone. These side stones can be princess cut diamonds or you can choose some other diamond shapes based on your likes. You can choose to bring a brilliant contrast to this ring by choosing a different color for your side stones.

Princess cut diamonds will suit most ring settings, so you can choose a setting based on your likes and preferences.

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