Best Reasons To Choose A Halo Engagement Ring

Best Reasons To Choose A Halo Engagement Ring
Princess Halo Diamond Ring
Princess Halo Diamond Ring

The halo ring setting is a popular option in engagement rings, as a lot of brides love it for the wonderful sparkle it exhibits. The halo setting can be a classic, traditional, and timeless option for engagement rings, hence, they won’t go out of style. If you want a sparkly ring for more affordable rates, this can be a wonderful option for you to consider. If you are wondering whether to get a halo ring for your engagement, then read along to find out the best reasons to consider this specific ring setting.

Offer The Illusion Of Size For The Center Stone

In a halo ring, a number of small diamonds surround your center stone thereby offering it the illusion of a bigger size than it really is. The combined sparkle created by all these stones can make them look like a single bigger stone when viewed from a distance.

Cover More Surface Of Your Finger

Getting a big center diamond that can cover more surface area of your finger can be extremely costly.  But by choosing a halo ring, you can accomplish this at an affordable rate. Getting a halo ring can be especially good for people with wider fingers, as this ring can give their fingers a slimmer look by covering more areas of their fingers.

Create A Less Expensive Option

If you cannot afford a solitaire ring with a bigger diamond, then a halo ring can be the best option for you. As this ring can make your center stone look bigger, you can get a smaller center stone and still make it seem like a bigger one.

Highly Versatile

A halo ring can suit any diamond shape and size. Hence, it allows you to choose a diamond shape you like the best. If you want a classic look, then go for a round halo ring, but if you prefer a modern look, then a princess halo diamond ring can be a wonderful choice for you.

Gives Better Protection To The Stone

The halo setting creates a wonderful option for princess diamonds and other stones with sharp corners. The sharp corners of these cuts are highly vulnerable to fractures, but a halo setting can provide them better protection by surrounding them with a layer of smaller diamonds. Hence, by choosing a princess cut halo diamond ring, you can give better protection to your princess diamond.

But a halo ring will need more care and maintenance, as the small stones can easily become loose in their setting thereby increasing the risk of losing them.

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