Best Diamond Shapes that Go with Halo Designs

Best Diamond Shapes that Go with Halo Designs
Princess Diamond Halo Ring
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Halo settings give an elegant and dazzling appearance for your engagement ring. Regardless of the shape of the diamond you choose, a halo design gives your ring a stunning and spectacular look. Halo makes any cut look more vibrant and gorgeous. Even though halo suits every shape there are some diamond shapes which will look more gorgeous with a halo design. Following are some of such shapes which will create a vibrant look with halo design.

Princess Cut Diamond

Princess cut diamond is one of the best diamond shapes that go with a halo design. A princess diamond halo ring is always a wonderful choice. Princess cut diamonds have sharp edges. If such a diamond is given in the central position of a halo setting and is emphasized by small diamonds which complements the main diamond, then it will create a gorgeous princess halo diamond ring

If you want to give a soft touch to your ring then use a princess cut diamond with cut corners. This will accentuate the beauty of the ring and give emphasis to the shape. Through this you will get a soft yet breathtaking look. But if you want a unique and special accent like rope milgrain edging then it is best to choose a straight square halo design.

Small Round Cut Diamond

Regular-sized or small round cut diamonds (from 0.50 carats to 2.00 carats) with halo design is a great combination. These diamonds will create an alluring look in a cushion-shaped halo. If you are a fan of round diamonds then its combination with halo will give you the most stunning look.

Large Round Cut Diamond

Large round cut diamonds (over 2.50 carats) also creates a wonderful combination with halo design. You can choose the large round diamond as your central diamond and can give it a beautiful look by surrounding it with small diamonds. This will give a great sparkle to the large diamond which is placed in the center and it will look more stylish and trendy.

Small Pink Diamond

Pink diamonds has a feminine look. It is very delicate at the same time very gorgeous. This creates a great combination with halo design. If you want to enhance the pinkish glow then choose two-toned double halos. This will accentuate the glow of the pink stone marvelously. It you want to give a bigger look for your diamond then you can choose rose gold inner halo surrounded with small pink diamonds. This will give the central stone a larger appearance than it actually is.

Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond

A cushion cut yellow diamond has an enticing and charming look which will attract you instantly. When it is combined with a halo design it will leave you breathless. This diamond with a shared prong setting along with white diamonds will create a lovely design.

Marquise Cut Diamond

The Marquise cut when combined with halo design will create a unique ring. A marquise diamond in the center placed north-south and surrounded by simple pave halo will give a classic look to the ring. A ‘bypass halo’ design can be used with a marquis diamond with an east-west setting. This will give a stand-out look for your beautiful central diamond.

All these diamond shapes create beautiful designs with halo. You can choose the shape of your central diamond according to your preferences. There is vast number of options available for you in halo setting with different shape of diamonds. A halo design will give a beautiful and classic design to the ring despite the shape of the stones. But, when you select a halo ring, make sure that the small stones which surround the central diamond complement it in a good way. If the combination between the central diamond and the diamonds surrounding it are not good then it will spoil the beauty of your ring. If you are selecting a colored diamond like pink diamond then the other stones should match the color of the diamond too.

If paired with diamonds of right shape, size and color a halo design will look stunning and vibrant. The main advantage of a halo design is that it will make center diamond appear larger than it actually is. The small stones used in this design will enhance the overall beauty and sparkle of the ring.

The halo design complements different diamond options and will suit everyone. It provides a large variety of options to combine the center diamond and the small diamonds. Gemstones with different colors can be combined to create a beautiful halo design. It is difficult to not fall in love with a halo diamond ring. If you are planning to purchase a diamond ring then this is one of the best choices available for you.

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