A Quick Look at Cushion Cut vs. Princess Cut Diamonds

A Quick Look at Cushion Cut vs. Princess Cut Diamonds
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Cushion Cut Diamonds

When it comes to engagement ring selection, one of the first things that you need to decide is the shape of the center diamond. The most popular ones are the round diamonds, but more and more people are now choosing the non-round fancy cut diamonds these days too because they can add a distinction to the engagement ring.

Each of the diamond shape has its own unique characteristics and it can affect its overall look. Princess cut and cushion cut diamonds are two of the most commonly found fancy shapes in the diamond industry. Below is a quick look at both the cuts, and how they fare in the market.

Princess Cut vs. Cushion Cut

Even though princess cut and cushion cut diamonds offer square center focal point to the ring setting, both of them are very different. Princess cut diamonds offer a geometric look to the ring setting, whereas the cushion cut counterparts offer soft and rounded edges providing a really romantic feel. The shape that you decide will depend on your personal preferences. According to experts, both the shapes look great on many varieties of engagement ring settings.

Cushion Diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds are square in shape and have corners that are softly rounded. These diamonds can subtly resemble a pillow, and hence, are also known as pillow cut diamonds. This shape originated in the 19th Century and was then referred to as “mine cut” diamonds. The proportions of the diamond can vary from diamond to diamond; while some of them can appear more narrow and long, others may resemble close to square.

Cushion cut rings are very much sought after owing to their sophistication, and they are very much popular in vintage and halo inspired ring settings. Cushion cut diamonds can be a great choice for wedding rings as well as engagement rings.

Princess Diamonds

The princess cut diamonds, invented in the early 1960’s, was originally called the “profile cut” and they were considered the second most popular among the diamond shapes. The diamond cut was deemed to be the successor of round brilliant cut, with a unique take to the traditional shape, and so, princess cut diamonds were referred to as “square modified brilliants” too.

These diamonds are modern, sparkling, and glamorous, and can be a perfect choice for those who are looking for non-traditional diamond rings. Princess cut diamond can help you make a bold statement, and can complement any attire with ease. These diamonds offer a modern look to any engagement ring setting, providing a sparkling glamorous appeal to the diamond jewelry.

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